Law with Educating, Planning & Business in Mind.

Educating in Mind

  • I believe that a lawyer should be there to educate you and help you make your own decisions.

  • I believe you want someone like me; to educate you to grow your business and life.

  • Whether you want to go about business or real estate on your own or with me by your side, I will educate you on the process, what language means, and possible outcomes.

Planning in Mind

Business in Mind

  • I believe that a lawyer should be there to help you grow your business.

  • I believe you need someone like me; to plan out the details you need to grow your business and life.

  • Not everyone is detail-oriented; I am. If you are one of the people that needs help planning and needs help with the details, you found your partner for your team.

I provide my clients flat fees so that there are no surprises when you have other business expenses to take care of. The flat fees available range from a monthly fee for multiple services to a one time flat fee for one service. A lawyer is part of your team; you choose how I will be a part of your team, whether it be on-going or a one-time thing.

I had first contacted Massie Law when my business was still just a concept. Sammi was able to help take the idea that I had in my head and turn it into an actual business. I don't think I would have my business today if it wasn't for the partnership with Massie Law.


Sammi Massie is a knowledgeable and professional lawyer. She helped me navigate the complexities of starting my own business.


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